Major Anup Singh Gahlaut

Major Anup Singh Gahlaut was an officer in the Dogra regiment which was deployed in Laksham in the east, during the batle of 1971. The regiment's mission was to move into enemy-held territory on the night of 3rd December, and put up road-blocks all along the Chauddagram-Laksham road. By the first light of dawn the next day, the regiment accomplished this under Major Gahlaut's command.

The next day, two companies of the Dogra regiment surged ahead and had two enemy platoons trapped. the Pakistanis, refusing to surrender, engaged the Indian troops in a bitter battle. Major Gahlaut led one platoon from the front, but was surpirsed by an unexpected enemy attack from the rear. He, however, rallied his troops, urging them to beat back the enemy. there was a fierce hand to hand fight. The major sustained grievous wounds but refused to give in. Though bleeding profusely, he fought on. The Pakistanis were finally beaten back. the exhausted Majot collapsed on the battlefield, and died shortly thereafter.

For his awe-inspiring gallantry, Major Gahlaut was honoured posthumously with the Mahavir Chakra.