Nerves of Steel
Lt. Col. Prem Kumar Khanna

Lt. Col. Prem Kumar Khanna commanded the batalion of the Sikh regiment deployed in Chhamb, in India's northwest. The battalion had to defend the area from Pakistani attacks during the 1971 war.

The Pakistani's began thier attack on the night of 3rd December, eqipped with tanks and artillery. They made all-out efforts to achieve a breakthroough but to no avail. The regiment under the Lt. Colonel's able command, held firm. After they had suffered several casualties, the Pakistani Air Force too was pressed into attack. The Sikh Regiment found itself bombarded on all sides by tanks, artillery, infantary and aircraft. But Lt. Col. Khanna was a steely determination. He repulsed these assaults and at the same time, recovered several Indian posiitons lost in earlier encounters with Pakistan

Lt. Col. Khanna was awarded the Mahavir Chakra for his daring and courage.