Till Death Decides
Lt.Col.Ved Prakash Ghai

Lt.Col.Ved Prakash Ghai,was a battle hardened veteran, having 1971,he commanded the Madras regiment in Shakargarh,by the river Basantar in the northwest.

On 15Dec.he was asked to to attack Lahial & Sarajchak across the river.The Indian attack was well planned & through there was continuous & heavy firing the regiment battled on & captured the two enemy positions.

The enemy retaliated swiftly. A first attack was repelled; the second one began at dawn the next day.Col.Ghal remained in the trenches encouraging & goading on his men. But just as the tide was turning in India's favor stay bullet hit the colonel. He continued to give orders as life ebbed away away from his body. Finally victory was achieved but the Colonel lay dead.

Lt.col.Ved Prakash Ghai was posthumously honoured with the Mahavir Chakra