Hero in Civies
civilian labourer, Ismail Mohammad

During the Jammu and Kashmir operations, on 23rd June 1948, an Indian reconnaissance patrol was abused and a soldier who was hit rolled down the hill into a ditch. He was badly injured and could not climb out. His comrades tried to help him out but were driven back by the enemy fire. It was at this stage that a civilian laborer, Ismail Mohammad attached to 3 Jat Battalion, offered his services

With great agility and daring, he negotiated the slippery slopes, undaunted by enemy fire. Reaching the wounded soldier, he bundled him up in a blanket and brought him up to safety.

Ismail showed his mettle again when he volunteered his services as a guide to the battalion.He did his job fearlessly despite being exposed to enemy fire and was eventually captured and made prisoner by the enemy.

Mohammed Ismail was awarded the Mahavir Chakra for outstanding gallantry.

Sepoy Amar Singh was awarded the Mahavir Chakra for exceptional gallantry.