The Garibpur Tank Battle
Major Daljit Singh Narang

Even before war had officially begun in December,1971,there were innumerable skirmishe in the eastern sector between Indian & Pakistani forces. At this time,Major Daljit Singh Narang commanded the C Squadron of the Deccan Horse in Jessore.To prevent enemy encroachments, the squadron set up effective roadblocks around Garibpur on the 20th of November.

The very next day,14 enemy tanks, well-supported by two infantry battalions attacked the Squadron's position. For 30 minutes, the battle raged, long and furios for both sides were evenly matched. Major Narang stood in the turret of his tank, directly the operations. Bolstered by his presence,his men fought back gallantly, inflicting severe causalities the enemy.The Indian forces destroyed 10 Pakistani tanks, losing 3 of their own.However,Major Narang was targeted by the enemy and struck down fatally, by a barrage of machine-gun fire.

His indomitable courage had ,however, ensured a hard-tough victory for the Indian Squadron.The nation duly honored this gallant soldier, who was posthumously awarded the Mahavir Chakra