Fight over Brachil Pass
Subhedar Mohinder Singh

The Kargil sector in the north overlooks the critically vital Srinagar -Leh highway. In December '71 the 21 Punjab regiment, including Subhedar Mohinder Singh was deployed here to prevent Pakistani encroachments. Closeby lay the heavily fortified enemy position at Hathi Matha, from every wehere, it was believed, further Pakistani offensives would commence.

to prevent this, the 21 Punjab was asked to capture Brachil pass, as it was an important vantage point. The attack commenced early on 7th December, and in a short while, the Indians had reached the left shoulder of the pass. But there they were held up by heavy enemy fire. Subhedar Mohinder Singh, commanding a platoon charged forward, and engaged the enemy in close combat. His men, inspired by his daring, fought ferociously and forced the Pakistanis to retrear.

This victory was a morale-booster and led to many other successes in this area in this area. Subhedar Singh was a worthy winner of the Mahavir Chakra bestowed upon him for his daring valour.