Lt. Col. Sukhjit Singh

The Sindh Horse Armoured regiment, commanded by Lt. Col. Sukhjit Singh was deployed in Shakargarh during the 1971 war. On the night of 8th December, the regiment crossed into enemy territory and established itself near Nainakot.

On 10th December, Pakistani forces made a powerful Armour attack, to dislodge the Indians from this position. But Lt. Col. put up a determined resistance, Leading from the front, he directed his tanks with great skill and courage. The enemy, having lost one of its tanks retreated. The next day Lt. Col. led an operation to capture enemy tanks at Malakpur. During this move, his forces came under heavy artillery and mortar fire, but an unruffled Lt. Col. surged ahead. In the ensuing operation, 8 tanks and some Pakistani officers were captured.

Not only did the Lt. Col. win a Mahavir Chakra for his inspirational leadership, his regiment earned several battle honours for its exceptional courage.