Master Strategist
Lt.Colonel Khanna

During the Jammu and Kashmir operations in 1947-1948 one of the most daring of commanders in the field was Lt.Col.Manmohan Khanna of the Kumaon Regiment.

On the night of 14/15 April ,1948, he marched his men 13 kms to launch a drawn attack on the enemy at Kopra which was defended by two companies with more in reserve.The surprise attack however evened the odds in favour of the outnumbered Indians.The enemy was routed.

Again in the night of 19th April the colonel led his men through heavy rains to launch a surprise dawn attack on the enemy at Goshar.There was a thunderstorm at that time and the last thing enemy expected was

The enemy withdrew in confusion and disorder suffering heavy casualties.

Lt.Colonel Khanna was awarded Mahavir Chakra for his outstanding leadership.