Underwater Operation
Lt. Arvind Singh

In 1987 as part of the prace-keeping operations in Sri Lanks Lieutenant Arvind Singh was posted as the officer-in -charge of an indian marine special force on the INS Abhimanyu.On 19th Oct, the force including 10 para commandos embrarked on a specisl mission to destroy Guru Nagar jetty & speedboats belonging to the militants on the Jaffna Logoon.

By 21st Oct.the force succeeded in destroying the jetty & six speedboats.As his men swan underwater to plant demolotion charges on eleven other speedboats,they were spotted by the enemy who began firing on them.To divert attention from his men,the lieutenant came out from cover & began firing.His ruse succeeded.The enemy swung around turned their guns on him.

For his courage & skill,Lieutenant Singh was decorated with Mahavir Chakra.