Master tactician
Brigadier Manjit Singh

In October 1987,Brigadier Manjit Singh assumed commond of the 41 Infantry Brigade, deployed in Shri Lanka as part of India's peace keeping forces. One of brigades first task was to clear Jaffna,a terrorist stronghold ,and and to establish a link with the Maratha Light Infantry in Jaffna port.

All the approach roads were heavily mined,and the Brigadier on arriving at palali airfield, found several Indian troops facing stiff resistance at Anna Collai and Manipal.The brigadier took charge. Deploying just two companies of the Rajstana Rifles, he was able to break militant cordon and secure a link with forces at jaffna fort.

His able leadership inspired men to overcome onslaught of militants. Brigadier Singh was honoured with Mahavir Chakra.