Capturing" Shoulder"
Subedar Sansar Chand

In June 1987 ,Subedar Sansar Chand was commanding a section of 8Jak Light Infantry deployed in Siachen. He was assigned the task of capturing a feature of called "Left sholder", occupied by Pakistanis.The feature stood at height of 640 meters, between two Indian posts. Attacking it involved negotiating a stretch of 3 kilometers across the glacier and then climbing a vertical 370 kilometer high ice wall.

On 25/26 th june ,the subedar scled the icy wall and led his men in an attack on enemy position.two outer enemy trenches were occupied in initial action. Despite fierce pakistani counter attacks he held on determinedly to the trenches. His bravery inspired his comrades and soon the" Left Shoulder" was in Indian hands.

Subedar Sansar Chand was honoured with the Mahavir Chakra for his courage and gallantry.