Defending Ashok
Major Krishna Gopal Chatterji

In sept.1987,Major Krishana Gopal Chatterjee commanded the 3/4 Gorkha Rifilrs at Saichen defending the three vital posts of "saddle","U" cut & "Ashok"

The major personally directed & supervised the defence operations at Ashok the main target of Pakistani attacks the first enemy attack began on 23 Sept.but some accurately directed artillery fire drove back the attackers. The attacks continued all through the night but Major Chatterjee organised his defences well,foiling every attempt of the enemy to break through. He refused evacuation despite receiving an injury in his left arm.

The Indians came under heavy attack the next night too led by their doughty commander they stood firm & resolutely beat back every attack

Major Chatterjee was awarded the Mahavir Chakra for his inspiring leadership.