Summer 0f '48
Brigadier Yadunath Singh

All throught he summer of 1948, Brigadier Yadunath Singh of the Kumaon Regiment displayed exemplary leadership skills during the Indian army's operations in Kashmir.

On 5 th March 1948, the Brigadier led the 19 Infantary Brigade in atop secret mission for the recapture of Jhangar. The rivers and nullahs were in full spate due to heavy rain and the enemy kept up continual firing. Undaunted he crossed the overflowing Jambir Nullah, at the very head of his Battalion and succeeded in establishing a bridge head, which greatly assisted the Indian Army's operations in that area.

In April, The Brigadier ws involved in the capture of Rajauri. Despite a sprained ankle, he remained in the thick of battle, constantly encouraging his men. His leadership was evident in the Indian army's successes in later operations at Barwali Ridge, when he effected a link up with the Indian Battalion at Punch, inflicting heavy casualities on the enemy.

In recognition of his bravery and leadersip skills was honoured with the Mahavir Chakra.