Martyr of Sodreke
Major Bhupinder Singh

In sept. 1965, Major Bhupinder Singh commanded the "B" squadron of the 4 Horse against Pakistani forces. On the 11th Sept. he successfully led his forces in cutting of the enemy retreat along the Gadgor-Phillora road. In the battle of Sadoke that folowed, Major took over the command of the regiment after the commander was forced to abandon his tank. Inspired by this gallantary, the regiment fought valiantly and destroyed several enemy tanks.

Nine days later the Major led his men in the battle of Sodreke. His tank targeted by the enemy caught fire after it was struck several times. The Major continued fighting even when all but two of his tanks were disabled. However he sustained severe burns when he was finally compelled to abandon his burning vehicle and died soon after.

He was posthumously honoured with the Mahavir Chakra for his awe inspiring courage and gallantry.