Defending The Frontiers
Rifleman Rawat

During the 1962 war with China the 4 Garhwal defended bridge No. 3 near Nuranang along India's northeast frontier. Early on the 17th November the Chinese launched two successive attacks to dislodge the Indians from this position. But the Indians held on.

The third attack was a three-pronged one, supported by heavy mortar and artillery fire. A medium machine gun threatened the defences of the Garhwal platoon. Rifleman Rawat and two others, a Lance Naik and another Rifleman volunteered to destroy the machine gun. As the Lance Naik provided covering fire, Rifleman Rawat and his companion hurled grenades, that killed and wounded some Chinese soldiers. Rawat then rushed forward and snatched the gun from the Chinese. However, while returning, he was struck fatally on the head by enemy fire. He died holding the gun he had captured.

Rifleman Rawat was awarded the Mahavir Chakra posthumously for his exceptional courage and initiative.