Worthy of Honour
Hrushikesh Moolgavkar

Commissioned in the Royal Indian Airforce (RIAF) in 1940, Hrushikesh Moolgavkar rose to become the chief of the Air staff. The US Congress also honoured him with the Legion of Merit for his heroism during the 2nd world war.

During the 1948 Jammu and Kashmir operations Wing Commander Hrushikesh Mulgaonkar commanded the No.1 Operational Wing of the Riaf. He personally led several air attacks into enemy bases, including a strategic air attack on the well defended Domel Bridge. Despite the severe obstacles posed by the enemy he carried out a series of air attacks on the Uri and the Saadabad sectors, endangering his life on several occasions.

His determination and skill enabled the airforce to render vital support to the Indian army. For his exceptional flying skills and commitment , the Wing Commander was decorated with the Mahavir Chakra.