Fellow Feeling
Major Annavi Krishnaswamy Ramaswamy

Major Annavi Krishnaswamy Ramaswamy commanded a para company of the Maratha Light Infantry at Naushahra in Jammu and Kashmir during the winter of 1947-48. When Pakistani troops subjected an Indian forward company in that area to heavy shelling, the Major advanced with his troops, enabling the besieged company to move to safer ground.

However, while withdrawing ,his men came under heavy fire from enemy. A sepoy, who was wounded, was left behind in confusion. As soon as this news reached the Major, he rushed back to rescue of the sepoy. Having located the wounded soldier, he carried him for some 15 meters before he was cut down by enemy fire. He succumbed to his injuries and while being rushed to the Aid Post.

Major Krishnaswamy was posthumously decorated with Mahavir Chakra.