An Immortal Hero
Brigadier Mohamad Usman

In December 1947, Brigadier Mohamad Usman commanded a brigade of the Baluch Regiment in the Naushahra area of Jammu and Kashmir. For over two months, the Brigadier and his men withstood a siege by tribal invaders, ably defending the area.

On 6th February' 48 a 10,000-strong enemy force attacked the Brigadier's defences from nine sides. As Tangdhar too came under threat, the Brigadier dispatched his small reserve of soldiers to save the situation there. Inspired by his grit and confidence in them, the remaining soldiers launched a ferocious counter attack not only saved Naushahra, but also inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy.

In March he reached Jhangar and held on despite several enemy counter attacks. The Brigadier died in the battlefield after being struck by a shell but his heroic defence of Naushahara is remembered to this day.

He was posthumously honoured with the Mahavir Chakra.