Death of a Patriot
Lt. Col. Inderjit Singh Butalia

The Indian forces recaptured Naushahara on February 1948. But the operations in Jammu & Kashmir continued, with Jhangar as the next objective. However, the ring of enemy positions around Naushahra made an break through impossible.

The garrison at Naushahra found itself confined to initial reconnaissance missions. Early on 22nd February, the Dogra battalion commanded by Lt. Col. Inderjit Singh Butalia embarked on a reconnaissance mission in the Kaman Ghosh Kala area. On their return, however, they were pursued by the enemy and a sharp engagement soon ensued.

The enemy fire was directed towards the commanding officer, Lt. Col. Butalia. He was seriously wounded and his left hand blown away. Despite his grave injuries he refused evacuation, insisting that a sacrifice of a few was necessary for the accomplishment of a great task.

He was posthumously awarded the Mahavir Chakra for his selfless devotion to duty and leadership.