Smart Moves
Brigadier Kanhya Lal Atal

On 1st November 1948 the Indian Forces took over Zoji La, from the Pakistani forces, but several hurdles remained on thier advance towards Dras and Kargil. To clear these hurdles, Brigadier Kanhya Lal Atal commanding a brigade of the Gorkha Rifles made a detailed plan and executed the attack faultlessly despite the harsh winter conditions.

The enemy was strongly entrenched at the Pindras pass, but Brigadier moved forward with his battalion, carrying all before him. His strong attack in no time overran the enemy positions.

Six Kilometers away from Kargil the Brigadier personally led two companies across the difficult mountainous terrain and surprised the enemy from the rear, thereby enabling the Indians to reach Kargil without further Hindrance

For this attention to detail and leadership abilities Brigadier Kanhya Lal Atal was decorated with the Mahavir Chakra.