A determined fight
Naik Krishna Sonawane

Early on 6th February 1948, the Indian posts at Tain Dhar and Kot in Naushahra were attacked by about 6000 Pakistani intruders. Naik Krishan Sonawane of the Mahar Regiment who held the No.7 picket under immense small arm fire.

When he realized that the intruders had surriunded the picket from all sides, Naik Sonawane ordered his team of gunners to begin firing from their medium machine guns. When his lead gunner was injured, he took over the gun and operated it effectively. He continued firing even after his right hand was hit by a bullet. When his gun too was damaged he began throwing hand grenades with his left hand. The enemy was ultimately compelled to retreat after suffering 700 casualties.

For his courage and devotion to duty, Naik Sonawane was awarded the Mahavir Chakra.