Leading by Example
Leiutanant Kishan Singh Rathor

On 6th February 1948, Lieutenant Kishan Singh Rathor and 70 men of the Rajput regiment deployed at Tain Dhar were attacked by 1500 Pakistani intruders. The Lieutenant inspired his soldiers by moving among them in the pickets. On several occasions he personally carried the ammunition to the pickets braving the incessant enemy fire. His exemplary leadership enabled the Indians to hold on.

In march, Lt. Rathor was deployed as an intelligence officer at Koman Gosha Dhar. When the Indian position came under intense enemy fire, Lt. Rathor led a platoon attack on the enemy's left to ease the pressure. When one of the men was hurt the Lieutenant showed great bravery by going to retrieve the body of his fallen comarade. Again a month later he led his platoon in a successful bayonet charge against the enemy at Jhangar, Compelling them to retreat

Lt. Rathor was honoured with the Mahavir Chakra.