Superior Tactics
Lt.Col Harbansingh Virk

In January 1948, Lt. Col. Harbans Singh Virk led the 3 Para Maratha Light Infantry with great success against the Pakistani forces at Naushahra. His tactical skills not only led to several successful attacks on the enemy but saved the Indian garrison at Naushahra during the famous battle of "Kala Gosh Galla"

His most notable achievement however was the recapture of Jhangar. During the advance on Jhangar the Maratha Battalion was held up at Phir thil Naka and suffered heavy casualties. But the Lt. Col. surprised the enemy by launching a counter-attack at dawn. The Indians advanced steadily despite the heavy mortar and small arms fire. The onslaught continued into the next day and by afternoon Jhangar been secured.

From Jhangar, the Marathas advanced yet again and captured the hill feature overlooking the valley.

Lt. Col was honoured with the Mahavir Chakra in recognition of his outstanding leadership.