Master Soldier
Naik Nar Singh

In May 1948, a massive build up of Pakistani troops was noticed at Handwara. The 4 Kumaon was ordered to advance and capture Master, a hill feature. held by the enemy in large numbers.

The first assault made no headway. During the second attack, Naik Nar Singh who commanded a section was struck by a bullet on the right shoulder. Despite his wound , Nar Singh refused to evacuate and led the third assault on Master. He charged forward with his sten gun and jumping into an enemy bunker killed the occupants and captured a light machine gun.

Soon master was in Kumaoni hands but the brave soldier who had led the charge was no more. He had bled to death in the bunker he had captured.

Naik Nar Singh was awarded with the Mahavir Chakra posthumously.