Action at Uri
Jemadar Nand Singh

In December 1947, around 6000 Pakistani raiders infiltrated into the high hills in the Uri sector, posing a grave threat to the Indian garrisons and threatening the road leading to Srinagar and Poonch. The 1 Sikh Regiment was deployed to dislodge them.

After two companies of the regiment were compelled to withdraw having sustained severe casualties in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy, a platoon of the D-company led by Jemadar Nand Singh attacked the enemy's left flank. The enemy fire was intense but Nand Singh pressed on, despite an injured leg. As fierce fighting ensued, Nand Singh Killed five enemy soldiers with his bayonet. His men were inspired by his example and the raiders fled, compelled in disorder.

A burst of fire from a retreating soldier, however, struck Nand Singh on the chest. He was killed at the very moment the Indian victory was assured.

Jemadar Nand Singh was posthumously honoured with the Mahvir Chakra.