Guerilla Soldiers
Major Thakur Prithi Chand

On the 8th of March 1948 Major Thakur Prithi Chand and his men completed their arduous three week march to Leh. Their mission: to raise and train a local militia that would defend Ladakh against imminent Pakistani intrusions.

By May a 200-strong Indian force was in place but the Pakistan supported raiders had overrun most of Baltistan and Kargil. To contain the enemy advance towards Leh along th Indus and Nubra river valleys, the major resorted to Guerilla warfare tactics. His daring raids and ambushes confused the enemy and slowed them down.

On one occasion, the raiders supported by the howitzers attacked one of the Indian forward pickets in Leh forward post. Soon after the major led his men deep into enemy territory and successfully destroyed an enemy howitzer.

Major Thakur Prithi Chand and his loyal force played a major roll in defending Ladakh. The gallant officer was awarded the Mahavir Chakra for his inspiring leadership courage and bravery.