A Gun Falls Silent
Naik Chand Singh

Late one November night in 1947, the Pakistani attacked an Indian picket on a hill across the Jhelum.

Naik Chand Singh who was in command of the platoon that was defending the picket thrice came out of his trench to hurl grenades at the enemy and was wounded in the left forearm. When the brought a 3" mortar gun into action it became imperative to silence the gun.Niak Chand and three other volunteers crawled up to a few yards from the mortar position and after hurling grenades charged the enemy. One of the crew manning the gun was killed. The others ran away.

On returning to his picket, Chand found the enemy entrenched on his left flank.With great daring he came out of cover to throw grenades at the enemy position but was killed instantly by machine gun fire.

However the loss of the mortar demoralised the enemy and he withdrew under the cover of darkness.

Naik Chand Singh was given the Mahavir Chakra for conspicious gallantry , posthumously.