Fortune Favours the Brave
Lance Havildar Ramprasad Gurung

A successful tank assault in early November 1948, enabled the advancing Indian Infantary to capture several enemy held hill features that lay on route to Drass. A platoon of the Gurkha Rifles was deployed to capture a well- defined enemy stronghold at Bagdumbar Nath.

As The platoon advanced It came under sustained fire from an enemy bunker. Volunteering to destroy the bunker, Lance Havildar Ram Prasad Gurung advanced equipped with a sten Gun and grenades. His astitute planning ensured that the Bunker was destroyed in no time. Several enemy soldiers were taken prisoner.

On the night 14th november he held his section during the assault on "Anant". Though shot at from extremely close quarters he escaped death miraculously. His charge enabled the position to be captured with no loss of life in his section.

Drass was captured a day later. Lance Havildar Gurung having distuinguished himself in two vital operations was awarded the Mahavir Chakra.