20 Years Long Service Medal

Awarded to all armed services personnel for twenty years of service.

Established: 19 April 1971 by the President of India (Gazette of India Not. No. 25-Press/71).

Obverse: Circular 35-mm copper-nickel, with the national emblem in the center, surrounded by the legend above "Dirgh Seva [Hindi] / LONG SERVICE" and, below, "Bis varsh [Hindi] / 20 YEARS". Suspended by a non-swiveling straight-bar suspender. Usually named on the edge.

Reverse: A depiction of the joint armed services emblem of crossed swords, anchor, and eagle with a rising sun above.

Ribbon: 30 mm, equal stripes of red, dark blue, light blue. Red, 10 mm dark blue 10 mm, light blue 10 mm.