Two Brave Warriors
sepoy Kewal Singh

As a part of the Jammu and Kashmir militia, Jemadar Tundup was one of the men defending the Changla post.Heavy Chinese shelling occurred on the 27th of October and then the Chinese attacked the post in large numbers.

The Jemadar led his men in defending the post to the last man.The Indian troops were heavily outnumbered but Chinese could only occupy the post after the Jemadar had been killed.

Jemadar Tundup was decorated with the Mahavir Chkra posthumously in 1962 for his heroism and unflenching devotion to duty.

Kewal Singh was a member of 4 Sikh Regiment deployed in Walong sector of NEFA(now Arunachal Pradesh) during The Indo- China conflict in 1962.

The Chinese first attacked on 24th October , but met with fierce resistance. The second attack followed on 27th October and posed a severe threat to the regiment's defences. As the Chinese forces gradually advanced , Sepoy Kewal Singh charged at the enemy with with his bayonet. Then in the hand to hand fighting that followed he killed a few but was severely wounded. He carried on nevertheless and in turn inspired his comrades to resist.

For his single-minded courage and daring, sepoy Kewal Singh was posthumously awarded the Mahavir Chakra.