Major Dhan Singh Thapa

In October 1962, Major Dhan Singh Thapa Gorkha Rifles commanded a platoon that held the crucial Sirijap-1 outpost in Ladakh, near the Chinese border.

The Chinese assault on the post began on the morning of 21st October, After shelling the outpost with heavy artillery and mortar, they attacked in large numbers. Major Thapa and his men repulsed the attack inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy.

The Chinese lobbed mortar shells on the post and then attacked once again., this time with tanks. The depleted platoon held out bravely while its ammunition lasted. Then Major Thapa leaped out of his trnch and engaged the enemy in hand to hand fighting.. He dispatched several of the enemy but was finally overpowered and captured.

Major Thapa was awarded the Param Vir CHAKRA for his bravery.