Wings of Fire
Squadron Leader Devayya

In 1965, during the Indo-pak war, Squadron Leader Devayya of the Indian Air Force successfully carried out a mission attacking the Pakistani airfield of Sargodha.

While returning a Pakistani supersonic F-104 Starfighter, intercepted Devayya's Mystere aircraft. The former fired a sidewinder missile, which Devayya evaded but the Pakistani aircraft was swifter, and began closing in on Devayya. The Mystere was damaged by a burst of cannon fire from the Straight fighter. When it surged ahead of him. Devayya gave chase despite the dangers of doing so.

The F-104 WAS A MUCH MORE POWERFUL fighter aircraft, but Devayya manoeuvred his damaged Mystere skillfully , managing to shoot down the Pak Starfighter. Though the Pakistani pilot ejected successfully , Devayya was killed attempting either an ejector because his damaged aircraft crashed.

This valour of a very high order earned Squadron Leader Devayya a Mahavir Chakra in 1965,posthumously.