Lieutenant Colonel
Madan Mohan Singh Bakshi

In 1965,Lt.Colonel Bakshi,Commanding the 4 Horse Squadron,Noticed of Squadron enemy .Patton tanks on the Libbe-Phillora road in the Sialkot sector. Immediately he fired and knocked out two tanks. Then he charged through the enemy tanks though his tank was hit twice. he knocked out a third tank and continued to charge ahead and crossed the Libbe-Phillora road.

His tank caught fire when it was hit for the forth time. As his crew bails out, they came under heavy enemy machine gun fire. Bakshi and his men took shelter in a sugarcane field.

They were rescued after three hours.bakshi resumed command of his regiment and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy, which fled in panic.

Lt.col,Bakshi was awarded the Mahavir Chakra for his leadership, initiative and courage.