True Gift
Second Lieutenant Goswami

Gurung Hill,Ladakh where Second Lieutenant Goswami was posted as observation Post Officer, was posted as defensive position in the war of 1962,for guarding the chushul airfield. On Nov,18,the Chinese attacked this post in huge numbers after bombarding it with heavy artillery and and mortar fire. However, Goswami and his four companions staunchly held on to their positions, their artillery fire effectively directed towards the enemy.

Sadly,Goswami's four companions were killed in the enemy firing and the second lieutenant was himself injured.

In spite of this, he continued to direct artillery operation till he fell unconscious. He was in fact, given up for dead & remained buried in the snow for 36 hours till he was found.

He was honoured with the Mahavir Chakra for holding on to his position despite the heavy enemy bombardment.