A Wounded Lion
Lt. Col. Nandagopal

After the ceasefire in 1965 Pakistani's continued to encroach on Indian territory in Kalidhar area. L.t. Col Nandagaopal of the Sikh Light infantry led the attack to occupy two strategic hilly points but the launched two counter offensives with heavy artillery firing.

In the third counter attack , Pakistani's reoccupied one of the hills though both sides lost several men in the skirmish. On October 3 , L.t. Col Nandgaopal took the help of the Mahar battallion to win back the lost positions. Despite the difficult terrain and heavy firing , not ony was the position recaptured but three others as well . The enemy was repulsed in daring and hand to hand fighting during which Nandgopal sustained grievous hatchet injuries on his hand and face. On October 5, an exhausted Nadgopal led the depleted battallion in an final assault on the Kalidhar Trig point. It was captured and al the other intruders were evicted.

L.t. Col Nandagaopal was decorated with the Mahavir Chakra for his devotion of duty.