Daring the impossible
Lt. Col. Singh

In 1965 to stop Pakistani infiltrators entering to Kashmir, the Haji Pir pass had to be captured. The 19 Punjab Regiment had to first capture Bedouri located en rout to the pass.There were two enemy companies and four machine guns guarding Bedori. Despite this L.t. Col Singh and his men attacked. Ten soldiers were killed and Pakistani soldiers were forced to withdraw. A link with Haji Pir Pass was established and L.T. Singh was awarded the Vir Chakra.

It then became imperative to secure the Kahuta bridge. The Indians already held a forward position on the bridge , but the road to it was infested with Pak Lt. COL'S mission was to secure the bridge and ensured link-up between the base and the Indian forward camp.

As light faded on the evening on 9th Sept, L.t. Col Singh and his men charged the Pakistanis and drove them away.

Singh bravery won him the Mahavir Chakra in 1965.