Leading by Example
Lt. Col. Mehra

Commanding 4 Madras in the Sialkot sector, Lt. Col. Mehta was asked to capture Maharajke, held by Pakistan in 19665. In the early dawn of September 8, the battalion crossed the cease fire line and had soon reached within 100 meter's of the enemy's forward defense line. The opposition was fierce and the reserve company was pressed into attack. When this failed Lt. Col. Mehta directed his men to clear the area trench by trench. This led to a fierce hand-to-hand battle and the Indian soldiers inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy. The enemy, however, refused to surrender. Time was running out Lt. Col. Mehta pressed forward with another reserve company into the enemy flanks. His inspiring presence in the thick of battle led his men to press home the attack successfully. The enemy gave in but Lt. Col. Mehta lost his life in action.

For this exemplary courage and leadership, Mehta was awarded the Mahavir chakra posthumously.