Gunning for the Enemy
Havaldar Abdul Hamid

During the 1965 Indo -Pak conflict the 4 Grenadiers occupied the vital position near China on the Khem Karan Bhikhiwind road. Its two-fold plan was to capture Pak, territory east of Icchogil Canal and repulse a possible enemy attack on Kasur-Khem Karan area.

On the night of September 8 Pakistan repeatedly attacked the grenadiers position but was repelled. On September 10 an enemy regiment of Patton tanks attacked preceded by intense artillery shelling. Soon the Indian forward company positions had been penetrated.

Seeing the precarious condition they were in Havildar Abdul Hamid moved out to a flank with his gun mounted on a jeep. Braving intense shelling he knocked out the leading enemy tank. Changing his position he knocked out another. Though spotted by the enemy who trained their guns on him, he kept up relentless firing. As he hit yet another enemy tank, he was mortally wounded by an exploding shell. His action inspired his comrades who fought hard and repelled the attack.

He was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra for his defiant valour.