Inspired Leadership
Lt. Col. Hayde

The 3 Jat battallion led by L.t. Col. Hayde launched a lighting attack on well -entrenched enemy positions on the Ichhogia commander and 38 others were killed and 24 Pakistani soldiers captured. The 3 Jat Regiment pushed on to the east bank of the canal. The enemy entrenched in Batapore factory to the west kept up a relentless barrage of fire. The regiment crossed the Canal and after heavy fighting , cleared the factory.

It was Hayde's leadership that inspired the Jats to hold on and capture more enemy territory despite the heavy shelling and ground and air attacks. On September 9, when the Pakistanis attacked in force , the regiment claimed the five enemy tanks.

Hayde's admirable leadership and courage was rewarded with the Mahavir Chakra in 1965.