Lone Gunner
Sepoy Dewan Singh

On 3rd November 1947, 700 Pakistani raiders suddenly attacked a company of 4 Kumaon Regiment in Badgam area in Kashmir. One of the platoons came under heavy fire and orders went out to the platoon commander to withdraw. But the commander could not comply. The enemy was too close. If the platoon attempted to withdraw, the soldiers would be exposed to enemy fire. As the commander wondered what he should do, his gunner Sepoy Dewan Singh, realising that they were in desperate situation, picked up his sten gun and began firing, with such deadly accuracy and speed that the enemy was forced to fall back. This enabled the beleaguered platoon to effect a quick withdrawal.

When the enemy realised that the platoon had withdrawn and there was only one man left, they concentrated their fire on him but to their chagrin lone gunner kept on firing, keeping them pinned down.

Finally a bullet found it's mark and the brave sepoy's gun fell silent.

Dewan Singh was awarded the Mahavir Chakra posthumously for his exceptional courage, gallantry and devotion to duty.