In The Line Of Fire
Major Tyagi

In 1965, the 3 Jat regiment was assigned the tank of capturing Dograi in the second phase of the attack. The A company led by Major Asa Ram Tyagi advanced on Sept 21, to capture the eastern edge of Dograi, which was well defended by one enemy company with tanks, recoilless guns and pillboxes.

Major Tyagi pressed ahead with the forward-most platoon of his company. Two bullets injured him in the right shoulder but he continued. When hit by another bullet, he lost a lot of blood but led the attack on the enemy tanks. Two enemy tanks were captured after grenades were hurled at the crew. A hand to hand combat followed and Major Tyagi shot and bayoneted his opponent. He fell unconscious after two more bullets hit him. His men inspired by his courage succeeded in capturing the objective.

Major Tyagi was posthumously warded the Mahavir Chakra.

He was posthumously honoured with the MAHAVIR CHAKRA.