A Long Drwan Opration
Brig. Zorawar Chand Bakshi

In 1965, Brigadier Zorwar Chand Bakshi commanded the 16 Infantry brigade in Jammu and Kashmir. In early August, information was received about the infiltration of Pakistani Razaakars into Gulmarg. Bakshi was ordered to capture Basali, Haji Pir PASS and Kahuta to establish a link between Uri and Punch and thus deny the infiltrators an entry.

The brigade advanced from the Tangmarg and Patthan area before entering the Uri-Punch area. To ensure the Uri-Punch link-up , the Haji Pir Pass occupied by the enemy, had to be captured. The only direct approach that remained was over the mountain ranges on the east and west. The road between Uri-Punch through Haji Pir was strongly defended by the enemy.

His tactical planning , leadership and courage led to his being awarded the Mahavir Chakra.

He was posthumously honoured with the MAHAVIR CHAKRA.