Till the last breath
Lt.Col Tarapore

On the 11th of September 1965, L.t. Col Tarapore commanding the 17 Horse Regiment was assigned the task of delivering the armored thrust in the attack on Phillora.

As he advanced he was set upon the enemy , but he continued his advance and attacked Phillora, supported by an infantry division. He was wounded and the enemy kept up it's continuous shelling, but he refused evacuation.

On 14th September, his regiment moved forward capturing Wazirwali and two other posts. His tank was hit but he led the attack on Chawindas well. His regiment destroyed 60 enemy tanks, losing only 9 of their own. As the battle of Chawinda ended , L.t. Col Tarapore succumbed to his wounds.

His undiminished valour till the very end of 6 day battle won L.t. Tarapore the Param Vir Chakra ,posthumously.