The Gallant Havildar
Lance Havildar Daya Ram

On 6th Feb 1948, enemy launched an attack on Indian positions in Naushahra sector, in Kashmir.

A section of a platoon led by Lance Havildar Daya Ram came under heavy attack at Jain Dhar. The enemy was beaten back time gain and again with heavy losses but Daya Ram and most of his men were injured. He had taken over the sten gun when his gunner had been hit. When the enemy attacked for the last time, three enemy soldiers managed to reach the post. Daya Ram shot down two but the third one slashed down at him with his sword and the third tried to take the bren gun away.Though severely wounded Dya Ram held on to it. With his left hand he took a grenade, pulled out the pin with his teeth and threw it at the enemy soldier who was blown to bits. By this act of bravery he not only saved the bren gun but also the lives of four of his men who were lying wounded in the post.

Seeing a number of Pakistani soldiers coming up the hill in search of weapons, he hurled hand grenades at them and drove them back.

Then though one of his arms was numbed with pain and he was bleeding profusely from his wounds, he helped four wounded Indian soldiers to safety and retreived a number of weapons from the dead.

He was awarded the Mahavir Chakra for his gallantry.