Raw Courage
Captain Gautum Mubayi

Captain Gautam Mubayi led a platoon of the Dogra Regiment to flush out Pakistani intruders occupying the Mendhar area of Jammu and Kashmir even after cease-fire was declared in 1965. The area was mined by the intruders.

Captain Mubayi sought to establish a bridgehead. Crawling forward he cut the wire-mesh fences and led his platoon through the minefield.A mine exploded wounding him in leg but he refused to be evacuated and the bridgehead was made secure. The Captain Mubayi silenced the enemy's machine gun with grenade. The enemy kept up a relentless fire but the captain and his men stayed put.

Eventually, a burst of machine gun fire hit him in the chest and he succumbed to this injuries but his men, inspired by his courage held on to the bridgehead.

He was posthumously honored with the Mahavir Chakra in 1965.