Major General Swarup Singh Kallan

As war commenced in 1965 , Pakistan seeking to forment subversive activities in Kashmir deployed guerillas to infiltrate the region. Moving stealthily through the jungles and valleys, the infiltrators moved deep into Kashmir. They now had their eyes set on Srinagar.

Major General Swarup Singh Kallan was then in command of the 19 infantry division in the Uribaramulla-Gulmarg sector of Kashmir. his responsibility was to hunt out the infiltrators, capture their bases and seal their routes of entry.This the Major General did with careful planning and cool courage Nearly all the infiltrators were rounded up, and their entry points seized.

He led his troops determinedly against well-defended Pakistani positions in the capture of the Haji Pir Pass and in a subsequent operation to establish a link-up between the Pass and Poonch. His courage was an inspiration to his men. The Pakistanis were evicted one by one from their bases.

He was awarded the Mahavir Chakra for his exemplary leadership and foresight.