Captain Thapa

In the war 1965,a covert operation for the capture of Dograi was set in motion. The 13 Punjab Regiment would take on Pakistani defences east of the town. Once they were overrun, Captain Kapil Singh Thapa and his men of the 3 jat battalion would led the mission to capture Dograi.

Caption Thapa advanced towards Dograi from the northeast, on the night of 21st September. As they neared the canal, they encountered fierce opposition from an enemy platoon under caption Thapa charged across a minefield, intent on flushing out the enemy.

As a bitter hand to hand struggle ensued, Caption Thapa dispatched several enemy soldiers with grenades and bayonets. Dograi was finally captured but not before a heavy loss of lives, including Caption Thapa's.

For his fearlessness and gallantry, Caption Thapa was posthumously awarded the Mahavir Chakra.