A Valiant Effort
Lt.Col Narindra Nath Khanna

On 6th September,1965,Lt.Col.Narindra Nath Khanna led the 2 Sikh Battalion in an attack on Raja picket, across the cease-fire line in Pakistan.The picket was vital to link up Uri-Poonch sector.

The only approach to the strongly defended picket was from the east, across a very steep terrain. Barbed wire fences and mines guarded the approach.

At 4a.m.,Lt.Col.Khanna led three companies across the line. At once they were greeted with heavy firing as the Indian soldiers were easy targets for the Pakistani snipers. At the very front of his troops, the Lt.Col. was injured when a grenade caught him in the right shoulder. But he continued to lead the assault. In a short while, he had reached the enemy bunkers. A burst of machine gun fire mortally wounded him but his men kept at their task till the enemy gave way.

Lt.Col.Khanna was awarded the Mahavir chakra posthumously for his indomitable courage.