Mission Accomplished
Major Baljit Singh Randhwa

In May 1965 Major Baljit Singh Randhwa and the 4 rajput regiment were assigned the task of recapturing positions lost to Pakistani infiltrators at Kargil and securing other posts in the area to prevent future encroachments.

Kargil was strategic for it overlooked Indian positions. The Pakistani posts were strongly defended with machine guns and mortars. The terrain was extremely steep with precipitous slopes.

The two pronged attack began at 2 a.m. with temperatures below freezing point while a cold, gusty wind raged. As Major Singh led his company up the slope, they were subjected to mortar and machine gun fire. Realizing that his troops were easy target for the enemy, Major Singh asked them to take cover and the moving cautiously up with a few men, wrested one post from the enemy. An enemy machine gun deterred further advance. Relentlessly Singh led an attack on the gun post, but he aws hit by a burst of fire and fell down wounded. He exhorted his men to continue the advance, steadfastly resisting all the attempts to assist him Major Singh did not live long but the mission he led was a complete success.

He was posthumously awarded the Mahavir Chakra.