A man of distinction
Brigadier Arun Shridhar Vaidya

Brigadier Arun Sridhar Vaidya commanded the Deccan Horse, an Indian armored regiment in the Khem Karan sector as the Indo Pak war raged in 1965.It was a volatile war zone and the brigadier had to fight a series of tank battles between 6 and 11th of September to beat back several Pakistani offensives. He organised his unit effectively, his strategy based on a shrewd assessments of Pakistani movements. The enemy Patton tanks sustained heavy losses. Throughout the course of the battle brigadier could be seen moving among his soldiers, a figure of inspiration and courage. The Pakistanis were never able to advance in this sector.

Brigadier Vaidya was decorated with Mahavir Chakra for inspiring leadership. During the Indo -Pak war of 1971, he was awarded a second MVC. Later he led the anti-insurgency operations n the North-East. Made Chief of staff of Indian Army, he oversaw operation Bluestar in Amritsar,1985.

In 1986 ,militants of Pune gunned down the man who, in his lifetime had directed countless operations against insurgents.